Tribhuvan University Implements Stringent Plagiarism Checks for Postgraduate Research

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Tribhuvan University (TU) Implements Stringent Plagiarism Checks for Postgraduate Research

Tribhuvan University‘s Faculty of Education has initiated a rigorous plagiarism screening process for postgraduate research papers. This measure, set by the Dean’s Office and the Examination Control Office, upholds academic integrity across all campuses and departments within the Faculty of Education.

Mandatory Plagiarism Screening Standards

In compliance with the Dean’s Office directives and Faculty Council resolution on 2080/10/17 the following criteria have been established for plagiarism checks using the iThenticate software:

  • Similarity Index: Must be below 20% for Master’s level research documents.
  • Small Matches Threshold: Set at 10 words.
  • Exclusions in Screening:
    • Quotes and references are permissible.
    • Matches below 1% from small sources will not be considered.
    • Abstracts, methods, and materials sections are exempted from checks.
Setting Master’s Level Research Document
Similarity Index <20%
Small Matches: Threshold 10 words
Exclude Quotes/ Reference YES
Exclude Small Sources <1%
Exclude Abstract NO
Exclude Methods & Materials NO
Limit Searches to: 
Crossref YES
Crossref Posted Content YES
Internet YES
ProQuest/Publications YES

Research Document Examination Scope

The plagiarism detection will extend across various databases and platforms, including:

  • Crossref and its posted content
  • Internet sources
  • ProQuest and other publication archives

Mandatory Compliance for Academic Submissions

This notice serves as a reminder to all related campus heads, Deans, and department heads to ensure the originality of research papers before the final evaluation. The enforcement of these standards is set to commence from 1st Falgun 2080.

Contact and Verification

For any queries or additional information, stakeholders can reach out to Tribhuvan University through the provided contact details. It is vital for all academic personnel to adhere to these guidelines to maintain the prestige and scholarly standards of the university.


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